The Details

The Purpose of the Masterclass is to enable you to discover your own unique Genius and to consider how to develop it.  A second purpose is to learn techniques to evoke Genius in others.  The intent in Enabling Genius to help people lead more self-expressed, fulfilling lives.

The are four over-arching objectives for the Masterclass:

  • To understand what Enabling Genius stands for – this brings together core research from the broad area of human potential as a framework for the Masterclass
  • To identify your unique Genius – to find the areas where you can shine
  • To find ways to develop and make your Genius real – the evidence suggests that a key route to genius is work on it constantly
  • Evoking Genius in others – beyond core coaching skill these are the techniques that bring, whether you are a parent, a teacher, a manager or a coach

The nature of the event is highly experiential.  The techniques are learned by using them on yourself through self-reflective exercises and exercises in pairs.  These activities are supplemented by some presentation (e.g. research) and plenary discussion.

The Agenda

(provisional: the agenda may change to meet the emerging needs of the group)

Enabling Genius

–        The territory of Genius

–        Key Messages from Key Players (inc. Carol Dweck, David Shenk, Daniel Pink, Tim Gallwey)

–        The Components of Enabling Genius

 Identifying Genius

–        Reflection

–        Visualisation

–        Conceptualisation

 Making it Real

–        Becoming Unstuck

–        Gaining Mobility

–        Finding Purpose

–        Identity – who shows up

Next steps

–        Co-coaching exercise

Health Warning: there will never be a complete body of knowledge concerning Enabling Genius – pulling together what already exists is task enough but then there is the 99% that we still don’t know.  So this masterclass is an opportunity to get to grips with a distillation of some of the best thinking and an also invitation for you to collaborate and contribute to an emerging framework and approach.

Upcoming events

All masterclasses run fro 9.30am to 5pm

Tickets: £299.00 (+VAT)

September – The Monastery, Manchester – Booking is now closed for this event.

October – Holborn Bars, central London – reserve your place here

Find out more about Enabling Genius

“The problem isn’t our inadequate genetic assets, but our inability, so far,to tap into what we already have”

David Shenk  from ‘the genius in all of us’.

This event is organised in association with Aspire Programs LTD