Some of the most profoundly rewarding and enjoyable experiences I have had over the years have been with like-minded professionals where we managed to carve out a day or two together to reflect on important issues and revitalise ourselves – The Coaches Summer Retreat is intended to re-create such an atmosphere.

During the retreat we will take time to identify your unique Genius* as a coach. We will revisit and reflect on your craft, hone some skills or develop new ones – The Coaches Summer Retreatis a time to reflect on your craft so that maintain an edge.

The Coaches Retreat is a two-day event in a secluded, peaceful location, just over an hour and a half from London ( Numbers are strictly limited to 18 delegates.

The primary objectives are:

To reflect on your coaching practise – your craft – and identify areas for development so you maintain your ‘edge.’

To identify your unique Genius as a coach and to look at how to develop and exploit it.

To examine you proposition to the market and develop this so that it is appropriate for the early 21st Century.

To explore the ‘Enabling Genius’ idea and how it applies to you in terms of your performance as a coach and as a set of techniques to use in your work.

The Retreat will be lead by Myles Downey, internationally recognised coach, Founder of the School of Coaching and now eCoaching ltd and author of ‘Effective Coaching’

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The Retreat will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday the 21st and 22nd August.

The Fees for the Retreat are £645 (+vat) this includes all meals and 1 night’s accommodation.

Booking is now closed for this event

*The Latin root of the of the word genius is genitum which means to beget which in turn means to cause or produce. Genius refers to the innate abilities in each and every individual- all the resources, the skills, abilities and capacities that are part of being human. Genius, by my definition, is also a state  of mind – rather than a genetic disposition or God given gift. It is a talent worked hard for that will manifest in a particular discipline or activity but not in all.