The knowledge and techniques behind self-expression, fulfillment and performance

Enabling Genius is the next stage in the evolution of my understanding of what it takes for a person to perform to their best, to learn and to enjoy.  The journey began with the Inner Game (Tim Gallwey): over a five year period I studied, was trained in and then coached using Inner Game approaches.  To this foundation another layer was added: essentially non-directive approaches to coaching built around the grow model.  In 1996 I set up The School of Coaching and with the Faculty there, developed my coaching model.  This culminated in the book ‘Effective Coaching’.  In the last three years two things have pushed my thinking to new places: developing the Inner Game eCoach with Tim Gallwey and researching anything and everything that has a bearing on human potential, learning, creativity and performance.

Enabling Genius is not a coaching model.  Coaching, as I have defined it, has no agenda other than that which the player (coachee) brings.  Enabling Genius does have an agenda – to facilitate in individuals their self-expression, the development of their autonomy resulting in a more fulfilling life.

Enabling Genius brings together the best research and practice concerning human potential and makes them applicable in our day-to-day lives.  Recent developments in a number of fields, from genetics to the psychology of learning and performance have radically changed our understanding: we know more now than we ever did about our potential and how to actualize it.  This new knowledge, aligned with Inner Game principles forms the intellectual platform that is Enabling Genius.

An example of one of the idea that has emerged from more recent research is the dismantling of the idea of the innately gifted or talented – people who have abilities beyond the rest of us they were born with.  The genius that we see when a Federer plays tennis, for example, in other words his genius, is to a large degree the product of very hard work over many years.  The implication of this is that we, each and every one, can develop ‘genius’ in specific areas – if we are willing to put the work in.

The Latin root of the of the word genius is genitum which means to beget which in turn means to cause or produce. So genius is only Genius when there is a result.  Secondly Genius refers to the innate ability in each and every individual – all the resources, the skills, abilities and capacities that are part of being human.  Genius, by my definition, is also a state, a set of circumstances, a way of being, a condition of mind – rather than a genetic disposition or God given gift.  It is a talent worked hard for that will manifest in a particular discipline or activity but not in all.

Bringing this together Enabling Genius has a number of premises:

  • There is genius in all of us
  • That each individual’s genius is unique
  • That one can move towards genius in a given discipline or craft
  • That in any discipline or activity we can learn how to produce our best performance

Enabling Genius is clearly important at all times.  However, now more than ever, when the old certainties have been found wanting, when there is a need for find new ways of doing things, there is a need for Genius.

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