Executive Coaching with Myles Downey

With over twenty-five years coaching experience Myles is recognised as one of the foremost coaches working in Europe and one of the few who can work at CEO level.  He has worked with senior executives in almost every business/industry sector over the years.

Myles’s coaching is very performance focused – the outcomes from coaching programmes frequently being the development and delivery of a business proposition or a significant business result.  Learning and development goals are then in service of delivering that result – too much coaching is solely focused on development

You can contact Myles directly through myles@mylesdowney.com

Coaching Skills development with The School of Coaching

Myles founded the School in 1996 and it quickly became and remains the premiere institution in developing coaching skills.  Myles sold the School to JMJ Associates in 2009 so that it’s unique proposition could be exploited and rolled out globally.  We are now operating in the USA out of Austin, Texas, in the Middle East and over the next year will open in Australia, South Africa and Singapore.  The School offers:

■      Public Programmes: The Coach’s Programme; Leadership Coaching Programme; Coaching for Performance

■      Corporate Programmes: Bespoke Programmes (Coaching for Performance); Coaching Culture; Executive Coaching

You can contact the School through (link)