This Blog is about Enabling Genius – two words that might sound a little precious but they say what I mean.

As used here Genius refers to the innate ability of each and every individual, all the resources, the skills, abilities and capacities that are part of being human.  It is, I think, a slightly less hackneyed word then potential.  But Genius is more than that.  The Latin root of the word is genitum which means to beget: to produce or cause.  So, genius is only Genius when there is a result.

Enabling is about how one can help an individual gain access to their own resources and thus begin to invest in their own authority to gain autonomy and independence.

In the world of coaching, which is where I have dwelt for thirty years, too much of what passes for coaching is about learning and development and not about results.

And too much of it is about the coach; “what can I do as hero, saint or rescuer to change, save or transform the coachee”.  It’s called ‘look-at-me coaching’.  Too little is about “what is the least that I can do to enable this person to stand in their own shoes and achieve their own goals?”.

It is only when individuals have developed a solid sense of themselves that they can work productively and joyously with others.  The journey from dependence to independence through to interdependence is increasingly critical in our societies and our business organisations

The blog is also concerned with how the context around us all is changing in irreversible ways: organisations that are increasingly flexible and less hierarchical where conventional boundaries between organization, leadership, staff, customers and suppliers are shifting; individuals are more suspicious having seen their parents work hard for the promise of security only to be let down and are thus becoming more self-reliant, and critically, will seek to work for organisations that are ethical and provide meaningful work.  These dramatic shifts demand that organizations, and societies, look closely at how they engage with their people and customers and provide the opportunites for individuals to step into their own shoes.

I am hoping that this blog will speak to people who are interested in these matters and will start something more interactive in time

I have been a coach since my late twenties, almost twenty-five years now.  In that time I set up The School of Coaching (the first such organization anywhere), wrote ‘Effective Coaching’ (in excess of 30,000 copies sold) and have am currently publishing ‘The Sessions’ (a novel in the form of eight conversations in a variety of Dublin pubs that is about stepping into your own shoes, leadership and other things besides).  It’s fun and has been well received so far.

I am currently building an electronic coach (Inner Game eCoach) with Tim Gallwey that will have personal and corporate applications