I believe that the natural state of the human being

is to be fully expressed


without doubt or fear

to perform, to learn and to enjoy

a state in which there is access to all the innate resources born to us:


I believe that we are at our best in the company of others

not dependent, nor independent but interdependent.

I hold that such self-actualization

Is seldom, if ever, achieved alone,

but made possible in community

or with the guidance of a gifted other,

one who has the capacity and courage to hold

a different kind of conversation,

a conversation that

lets the your thinking unfold

lets your imagination, intuition and creativity loose

freed from should, must and have to

and, in so doing, to not impose their own beliefs

but rather to let the you come to your own

Such a conversation is a dangerous conversation –

It demands that you step out of your fear and doubt, your shoulds, musts and have to’s,

and into your innate Genius

I believe in Enabling Genius

I believe that through self-expression, self-actualization

we reach interdependence

where self-interest, fear and greed are overcome and community is served

I believe that in any endeavour, learning is most vital when it is in service of performance

Not learning for learning’s sake

I believe that our business organizations can be the hothouses

For this different and dangerous conversation,

Conversations that Enable Genius

In the best interests of employees, leadership and stakeholders

And that this can be a step in changing the quality of conversation on the planet