The world of coaching is, arguably, in a critical place both growing and also at a point in the development cycle where it is maturing and becoming commoditised.

At the same time there is a wealth of information available around a broad topic of human potential and excellence that is to be found in many diverse places – from psychology, genetics and neuroscience – without much indication of how to practically apply that knowledge


The Project

The Enabling Genius Project will create a body of knowledge encompassing the best research into human potential and excellence and the tools and techniques for it’s effective application in coaching


This will be achieved by bringing together a group of 30 experienced coaches (and perhaps others) who will distil the knowledge and test the tools and techniques over the course of a seven-month period.


The project will result in a book (as a minimum this will be self-published as an ebook – although a significant publisher has expressed real interest) in which each participant will be credited and the profits given to a selected charity.  The book will made up of contributions from the group and will be edited by Myles Downey and Ian Harrison.


The project will be led by Myles Downey and will start in April.


Participants will be selected on the basis of relevant experience, interests and skills.  To register interest and receive an application form contact:


The Process

  • Identification of resource/sources (books, papers etc)
  • Identification of research areas
  • Identification of key principles of ‘genius’
  • Identification of key principles of ‘enabling’
  • Identification and development of tools, techniques and approaches of ‘enabling’
  • Working in sub-groups to move from hypothesis to principle
  • Testing tools, techniques and approaches with coaching clients
  • Consolidation


The research approach will be relatively unique using social learning platforms and media and face-to-face events.  The process will be ‘ground up’ using real experience and available literature.  The research process will have input from a known and respected academic who has a deep understanding of research methodologies and a deep understanding of coaching.



  • 3 one-day workshops at the beginning, middle and end
  • 4 Webinars; group and sub-groups
  • Communication facilitated through the best social-media platform to allow easy sharing of information (from Fusion-Universal, leading ‘distance learning’ offering)



  • Professional development and learning
  • New tools, techniques and approaches
  • Acknowledged contribution to a book ‘Enabling Genius’
  • Marketing and PR benefit from association with the project
  • Six months working with Myles and inspiring colleagues
  • First access to the IP to use as you wish (IP will be treated on an Open Commons basis)


Project Members

  • Apply and are selected on the basis of relevant experience and anticipated contribution.  The application form is available on application to
  • There will be fees of about £120 p/m to cover essential costs.  This sum may come down depending on sponsorship from a well-respected charitable society.


Key Project Dates

  • Submission of application 22 March
  • Launch Webinar 9th April (4.30PM to 6PM)
  • First Workshop 24thth April (Central London)
  • Webinar 2; 21st May
  • Webinar 3; 11th June
  • Second Workshop; 3rd July
  • Webinar 4; 6th August (not ‘obligatory’ – may clash with your holidays!)
  • Webinar 5; 10th September
  • Completion Webinar; 9th October


Webinar will be 4.30PM from till 6PM

Webinars will be recorded so that they can be heard again if a colleague misses one.