In the next weeks I will be formally announcing the launch of a ground-breaking project: The Enabling Genius Laboratory.  I am waiting for a final commitment from a leading professional coaching body to work in partnership before I can give the full details.  But I want to get a buzz going meanwhile.


The purpose of the ‘Enabling Genius Laboratory’ is to develop a unique body of knowledge on human potential and excellence, including the relevant tools and techniques for coaches to use in their practice.


The heart of the ‘laboratory’ will be a group of thirty people.  Over the period of a year they will work to pull together and consolidate the available research and data, identify existing tools and techniques and develop new ones and then test the approach. The group will meet face-to-face, virtually through webinars and communicate through the most up-to-date social media (Fusion-Universal are partners on another project and are leading providers in this area).


The outputs will include:

–      A unique body of knowledge

–      Related tools and techniques

–      An ‘Enabling Genius’ book (from contributions from the group) including the research and the tools and techniques.  A major publisher has expressed real interest

–      A Two-Day ‘Enabling Genius’ Conference

–      An implicit statement of excellence in the world of coaching

–      The profits from the book will go to a selected charity


The benefits:

–      Professional development and learning

–      First access to the IP; the knowledge and techniques to use as you choose

–      Marketing and sales collateral from being associated with a leading edge project

–      An opportunity to be part of a team facilitating an industry leading conference

–      Acknowledgement as a contributor to the book

–      20 copies of the book to give away or sell.

–      CPD certificates

–      Spend 2013 working closely with Myles Downey, author of Effective Coaching and founder of the School of Coaching

There will be a fee for participation.  This is one of the details awaiting confirmation.

I look forward to revealing the full details very shortly.  Meanwhile please post any question or observations on this site.