The first ‘Enabling Genius’ was held a couple of weeks ago here in London.  The idea behind EG is to bring together the best research around human potential and how to actualize it and to make that research available and applicable in the form of tools and techniques.  That’s too big a task for me and certain aspects of it do not play to my strengths so the intention is to solicit contribution from anyone who wants to engage and to allow anyone use of the materials (in the 21st Century I think the notion of Intellectual Property is less and less valid, but that’s another story)

However to get the ball rolling, and as a function of my own reading and thinking I created a table that begins to link principles of ‘genius’ with research and then with tools and techniques for ‘enabling.  The table needs some more work after which I will make it available at

The title ‘Enabling Genius’ is deliberately provocative: surely selected individuals are born with genius, it is not ‘made’ – this is the challenge I hear.  Well the research does not support that idea as I put forward in my previous blog ‘The Heart of the Matter: Learning’.

In the table I labeled the principles ‘Maxims’ – and they are very much Maxims in the Making: not yet the finished article.  I will lay them out here and then in future blogs spell out what I mean for each one.  I hope this will get the mental juices working.

Maxims in the Making:

  • There is genius in all of us
  • Each person’s Genius is unique
  • You can move towards Genius in a given craft or discipline
  • In any activity you can achieve ‘Flow’ – and your best performance
  • Learning (process) is key
  • With permission you can evoke Genius in others

And related but different”

  • True community can only occur through autonomy
  • Fulfillment and Prosperity mean something different to people in the 21st Century