There are two significant shifts that I notice emerging that may well result in far greater need for coaching – and for a variety of interventions based on coaching principles.

The first of these is move in a small but increasing number of work organisations away from traditional hierarchical structures towards something more flexible and accommodating of the needs of the people operating within them and of their customers and clients without.

The second shift is happening in the thousands of people who go to work every day – particularly the younger one’s.  They have seen how the generation that preceded them sold their minds and bodies to the organisation and were let down.  As a result they are seeking a greater sense of purpose and meaning from their working lives.  They also have a stronger sense of their own autonomy and independence.

These shifts are obviously inter-related, not least because the search for meaningful work, coupled with environmental and economic pressures, is causing the leadership of many businesses to take a stronger ethical stance and to produce goods and services that are of greater quality, last longer and do not deplete the Earth of limited resources.

These shifts require people in work to behave differently and to have a different order of conversation internally in the organization and between the organization and its customers and clients

Coaching is one such conversation that, in its purest form, is about helping people to discover their own autonomy, their own authority, their own voice.  I sometimes talk about Enabling Genius.  Genius refers to the vast reserves of potential that reside in each and every one of us and, if you take it back to it’s Latin root genitum; to beget, to produce or cause to happen, you will see that genius is not genius unless there is a result.

I future blogs I intend develop three themes present in this first blog: how the world of work is changing; the emerging independence of the individuals that compose the work force and a repositioning of coaching not just as a learning and development intervention but as a key conversation in this new and emerging world of work

Meanwhile have a look at the resources page.  You will find a link to the first chapter of my new book ’The Sessions’ (all chapters will be available free over the coming months) and another link to the Inner Game eCoach.  This is a beta test of an electronic, internet based coaching tool that will ultimately become a Personal eCoach and a Corporate eCoach that I am developing with Tim Gallwey, author of the Inner Game series of books and one of the world’s leading coaches.